Q. How long does it take until the bottle has absorbed 100% of the oxygen?

A. Depending on the amount of wine remaining in the bottle the times vary, but in most cases oxygen is removed in less than 30 minutes.

Q. What are the ZOS Cartridges made of?

A. ZOS cartridges are contain a patented, non-toxic, USDA food grade material that absorbs all of the oxygen from an open bottle of wine.

Q. How long do ZOS Cartridges last?

A. Because the cartridges work by absorbing oxygen, it is important to limit the cartridges’ exposure to oxygen between uses, or cartridge life is significantly shortened. When not in use, ZOS Halo should always be stored in the Testing Holder to preserve the cartridge. With typical use, a cartridge should last between 5-15 bottles for about 2 months per bottle.

Q. How do I replace a cartridge?

A. Simply unscrew the old cartridge and replace it with a new one. When removing replacement cartridges from their container, but sure to limit exposure to oxygen. Immediately test the new cartridge and then either leave it in it’s protective holder until the next use (screw on cap), or immediately insert into an open bottle of wine. See Using Your ZOS Halo video for more information.

Q. How do I know when a cartridge needs to be replaced?

A. When Halo is inserted into the Testing Holder, it automatically checks the status of the cartridge. Red/green lights will alternatingly flash as it performs its test. If the cartridge is bad the lights on Halo turn red indicating the cartridge needs to be replaced. If the cartridge is good, Halo lights will turn green.

Q. How do I order replacement cartridges?

A. Visit our online store HERE.

Q. Is the cartridge meant to touch the wine?

A. Yes, the cartridge can touch the wine and all materials in the cartridge meet U.S FDA Standards for food content – (FDA 177.26).

Q. Will the cartridge affect the taste of my wine?

A. No, the ZOS Halo will not negatively impact the taste of the wine.

Q. How should I store my wine when using ZOS Halo?

A. Store your wine vertically. Wine can be kept at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in a temperature controlled cellar. If you store your wine in the refrigerator, allow the cartridge to come up to room temperature before performing a cartridge test to see if the cartridge is still good.

Q. Can ZOS Halo be used in oversize bottles?

A. The ZOS Halo is designed for standard wine bottles 750ml bottles or smaller. It will not work in certain wide-necked screw cap bottles or in large format bottles (e.g. magnums)

Q. Are there plans to make stoppers for other bottle sizes (e.g. magnums)?

A. We are currently developing solutions for other bottle sizes.

Q. How do I turn on Halo?

A. When you screw in the cartridge, ZOS Halo will turn on and blink alternating green/blue lights. After a period of time, ZOS Halo will go into sleep mode. This is indicated by a blue light when you move ZOS Halo. This lets you know the batteries are working and the unit is on.

Q. When do I know when I need to replace the batteries?

A. If not lights come on when you screw in a cartridge or when you move the ZOS Halo, either in a bottle or inside the Testing Holder. If you need to replace your batteries, use two LR44 batteries. Insert flat side facing the top of the Preserver Stopper.

Q. Is ZOS Halo dishwasher safe?

A. No, ZOS Halo is NOT dishwasher safe. When needed, clean your ZOS Halo using a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.

Q. How can I provide feedback?

A. We welcome your feedback as we always try to make our products and our customer service better. Click HERE or send us an email at