ZOS Halo Cartridge

  • The cartridge absorbs 100% of the oxygen in a wine bottle, stopping the oxidation process and ensuring your wine is the same when you return during the next 2 months.
  • Because it is such a powerful oxygen absorber, it is important to limit the cartridge’s exposure to air. Even laying it on a counter for a few minutes can significantly shorten its life. Always return preserver/cartridge unit to the holder when not in use.
  • Made of non-toxic, oxygen absorbing material that meets USDA standards for food content, it is completely safe for wine to touch the cartridge.
  • Always store your bottles vertically to allow the cartridge to interact with the oxygen and to prevent leaking.
  • A cartridge will last between 5-15 bottles depending on exposure to oxygen between bottles, total time used, and other factors.
  • Don’t open a new cartridge until you are ready to use it to avoid exposure to oxygen and shortening of cartridge life.
  • The ZOS Halo system will not impact the taste of your wine.

ZOS Halo Testing Holder

  • The Testing Holder serves two important functions: 1) Every time you insert ZOS Halo into the Testing Holder, it will perform a test (alternating red green lights that will end with green-good or red-replace); 2) It protects the unit and preserves cartridge life between uses. Always store ZOS Halo in the Testing Holder when not in use.
  • Insert and test the cartridge before using in a bottle, or any time you are concerned that the cartridge should be retested (such as long exposure to air between pours or if transferring from one open bottle to the next).
  • If you get a red reading on relatively new cartridge, we recommend performing the test again by removing Halo Preserver/Cartridge, shaking for 10 seconds, and reinserting. This can activate materials again and extend cartridge life. See other tips below under “What to Do if You Get a Red Light”

ZOS Halo Stopper and Red, Green, Blue Lights

  • The ZOS Halo Preserver Body and Cartridge form the Stopper that displays various indicator lights.
  • Any time you insert the stopper into the Testing Holder, it will automatically test the cartridge. Alternating red/green lights will flash while the test is being performed. At the end of the test, it will glow solid green (cartridge is good and ready for use) or red (cartridge should be replaced, retest new cartridge, then use). If you get a red light reading on a relatively new cartridge, we recommend retesting it. See below under “What to Do if You Get a Red Light” for other tips.
  • Once the test is complete, the last state (green or red) will remain glowing for approximately 20 seconds.
  • After this period, the unit will go into sleep mode. A blue light will glow whenever the bottle is moved, indicating that the unit and batteries are operational. A blue light will also glow when the unit is in the Testing Holder and the unit is moved.
  • If the unit is red after testing and is placed in the bottle or holder, it will glow red whenever it is moved, indicating that the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • If you do not get any lights, verify that the cartridge is screwed in properly (do not over-tighten or crush). Change batteries.
  • ZOS Halo is designed to fit most 750ml bottles.
  • ZOS Halo may not seal in some screw cap bottles as the neck is too large.

Using Your ZOS Halo

  • To set up your ZOS Halo, see the instructions for use included with your unit, or watch the setup video on this page.
  • Always store your ZOS Halo in the Testing Holder when not in use.
  • Before using, always perform a cartridge test by pulling Preserver Stopper out of the Testing Holder and reinserting until the lights begin to flash.
  • After 20 seconds of alternating red/green lights, the ZOS Halo will indicate solid green (ready to use) or solid red (replace cartridge before using and retest. See tips below on what to do if you get a red reading on a relatively new cartridge).
  • Immediately after testing and getting a green light, place ZOS Halo inside the bottle. ZOS Halo will absorb all of the oxygen from the bottle within a few minutes of being inserted into the bottle.
  • After 20 seconds the red or green light will go out. If the bottle is moved, a blue light will glow indicating that the unit is operational.

What to Do if You Get a Red Light

  • Most cartridges last 5-15 bottles depending on how they are used (how many times you pour and reinsert, how long they are used, how much oxygen they are exposed to between uses, etc.).
  • If you have a relatively new cartridge and you get a red light, retest the cartridge a second time. Sometimes not getting the proper seal can result in a false red reading.
  • If you refrigerated the wine, you should let the cartridge warm up to room temperature before retesting as refrigeration may interfere with test results. Once it’s warmed to room temperature, test it again. Be sure to insert Halo and cartridge into holder while it warms to room temperature – do not leave exposed to air.
  • Shake the cartridge vigorously for 10 seconds. If there are still active ingredients in the cartridge, this can often revive them.

What to Do if You Do Not Get Any Lights

  • Verify that the cartridge is screwed in completely (do not over-tighten or crush).
  • Change batteries. When changing the batteries, always remove cartridge and place into a cartridge tube to avoid over-exposure to oxygen.
  • Use two, LR44 batteries. Insert flat side facing the top of the Preserver Stopper.

Cleaning Your ZOS Halo

  • When needed, clean your ZOS Halo using a damp cloth.
  • Halo is NOT dishwasher safe.
  • Do not submerge in water.